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Your True Self

When you capture the vision—the reality that life is not about you—it liberates you to be truly amazing in life. The pressure to perform perfectly to please people is no more. The courage to step forward, unpack your strengths and dig deep into the soil of your own potential emerges. Life Koach is a company about life—how to live it deeply, how to live it meaningfully, and how to live it on the very breath of God. Koach” is a Hebrew word that means “strength, power, and might.” In English, you pronounce it “Coach.” Koach affirms an individual’s vigor and speaks blessings of prosperity over the “soil” (the work and efforts) of one’s hands.

Your Giving Self

In life, your gifts and talents are a part of your “strength package,” and so are your fellowships. How well do you cultivate fellowships–not simply relationships, but fellowships? Do you reach out to others to discover what you can gain, or do you reach out to others to discover what you can give? When you recognize and unpack your strengths, you operate from the power-position of a giver. When you treasure the ability to give value, you can move more easily beyond the fringes of mere relationships, into the mutual and lasting benefits of deep fellowship opportunities. Life Koach helps you discover your way.

Your Gifted Self

Some gifts and talents help you get through life; some gifts and talents help you break through life’s barriers; some gifts and talents you have yet to discover. All of your gifts and talents help buoy your life’s purpose or calling. A person who is aware of his or her calling can be a friend to the purposes and calling of other like-minded people. When you walk into an event, do you study the room to see who you need to meet, or do you study the room to see who needs to meet you? When you know what you bring to the table, it’s the latter. Life Koach can help you leverage your purpose and calling.

Life Koach helps you unpack your strengths to make your whole life strong, your whole life long.

Through professional coaching, Life Koach provide a safe and effective process for you to strengthen, evaluate, mature, and excel both in your public life and in your private life. Deep and meaningful conversations that focus on your needs, hopes, goals and how to break through stubborn barriers to these desires will help to yield an even more accomplished and meaningful life. Through coaching, you will discover that God has likely already spoken deep within you the very solutions needed to move you from where you are to where you would like to be. Life Koach helps you discover those solutions and to act upon them. Through the coaching process, you will learn life-long self-coaching techniques that you will begin to use in other areas of your life long after your time with us has ended. Our coaching areas of expertise are books and authors, leadership, communications, and in-depth life issues. We want to get in agreement with you about the peaceful and successful life you were created to have. If we can agree, we can walk together. You can and should be more amazing in life.

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Write your book because you long to share, not because trends dictate that you should have one.



In leadership and in life, the way up is down.



If your communications does not inspire and inform, there really is such a thing as “bad publicity.”

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