I’ve been writing since I was young. My mother read a poem I wrote when I was around 12, and from that moment on she encouraged and nurtured my gift. In school and at work, I continued to do well as a writer. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I don’t force myself to write everyday. I encourage others not to feel condemned if they are not writing everyday. If you can and do write everyday, continue. It can be a great expression of discipline. I believe that great writing is writing that makes you proud, resonates with others and compels them be better, try again, forgive, trust, dream, etc..

Professionally, I have helped individuals and organizations produce better books, magazines, commercials, grants, speeches, and presentations. One reason I am successful is because I inspire clients to value themselves and what they have to share. When you value your content and the experiences and lessons that produced it, you’ll stick with the work at hand and other writing goals long after our time together has ended.

Times are changing, and if you are feeling the pressure to produce a book as a marketing tool, you’re not alone. If writing a book is what you believe you should do, I can help you explore your options whether you’re brand new to writing or whether you’re an author with a thriving platform. If you simply care about writing a great story or sharing some valuable wisdom because you have a desire to do so, I’d like to talk with you as well. Whatever you choose, do it because the timing is right for you, not because business trends dictate to you that you need a book before the market will take you seriously. It’s not true. People value good content in various forms, not just through books.

Writing is part art and part science. Artist or scientist, marketer or traditionalist, when it comes to writing your book, you must value your own uniqueness, be proud of your intentions, and be willing to do the work.