Along the way in business, we came to the idea that long term business opportunities are won through winning first impressions or a great accomplishment here and there. As important as those things are, they don’t lead to long term relationships in business. In fact, long term relationships outside of business do not always spin off successfully into long term business relationships. Long term business opportunities are secured in great part because of the vendor’s opportunity to communicate life in the process of offering solutions, solving problems, scaling successes.

All businesses seek to appeal to people. Period, and there is no way around it. Whether the business is service and hospitality oriented or technologically focused, when it’s all said and done, people must patronize and support the business or the business will fail. People are drawn to those with winning mindsets, winning words, and winning attitudes. People want to surround themselves with individuals that communicate life solutions in the process of doing business. Knowing your craft is simply entry into the game. The ability to communicate life solutions in tough times and not just when things are going well, is what motivates others to want to work with you and believe in you.

I was talking to a new college graduate once who was down on herself because she hadn’t found a job. As she talked to me about everything that was wrong, I listened and countered with a new perspective. She stopped the conversation and asked me how come I was able to salvage something positive out of every horrible thing she shared. Aside from the fact that she was sharing stuff I’d been through, I told her it’s because that’s what God does for us. He doesn’t leave un is hopelessness, but He give us hope through the darkest times. People want hope in life and in business. No matter how difficult times are, people want solutions that communicate life.