I have served people my entire life, from the food industry to call centers, airlines, healthcare, nonprofits, governments, and churches. I used to joke that I have had as many jobs as I am old, and it’s not because I lacked direction. On the contrary, I have always had an inner discernment that an organization can nurture or crush its employees through its culture and its leadership. My work experiences helped to validate my discernment. Teams and organizations are the healthiest and most effective when those in charge are secure enough to serve the ones they lead.

This is the Kingdom’s wisdom: Whoever wants to become great must first make himself a servant (Matthew 20:26).

I didn’t understand it at the time, but through workplace adversities and the personal hardships they can fuel, I was becoming a resilient servant to others, and thus a strong and compassionate leader in my own right. Servant leadership is compelling. It is the up side down approach to building winning teams and cultures. Leaders who win are persuaded that strong individuals build winning teams and organizations. Leaders who win make valuable, sizable, ongoing deposits and investments in their people. Leaders who win master the art of service.