L.A.R.A. Coaching Quick Start

Listening, Asking, Reflecting, Accountability are at the core of successful coaching, and at the core of successful personal and professional relationships. In a daylong workshop, I will introduce attendees to coaching as a tool to help improve their personal and professional relationships, and more importantly, their internal dialogue and perspective about those relationships. The L.A.R.A. Coaching Quick Start incorporates the foundations of coaching, the differences between coaching and other helps-oriented professions, role-play, peer coaching, group coaching, and one-on-one coaching. At the end of the workshop, attendees will:

• Discover the benefits of deep, effective listening at work and at home
• Ask more powerful questions personally and professionally to gain clarity and prevent delays and progress impediment brought on by confusion in communications
• Learn how to reflect information learned from others to help facilitate agreement and action more quickly
• Hold themselves and others accountable for communicated, desired goals that can be achieved
• Be more self-aware of internal dialogue, spoken words, body language and attitudes that sabotage personal and professional successes
• Learn to correctly evaluate and respond appropriately to the motives of others
• Learn how to salvage and build healthy relationships while releasing and moving beyond unhealthy ones
• Gain the tools to help integrate coaching into your church, work and home environments

The cost of the full day L.A.R.A. Coaching Quick Start Workshop is $5,750 for groups of 16-20 (between $359 to $287 per attendee depending on group size) and includes training manuals and certificates of completion for each attendee. The L.A.R.A. Coaching Quick Start Workshop training is aligned with the International Coach Federation Core Competencies. Breakfast and afternoon refreshments are provided at the training. Please call for rates for groups with less than 16 attendees.

If you would like to schedule a full day L.A.R.A. Coaching Quick Start Workshop for your business, church or organization, or for more information contact Marie at or call (501) 612-0694.